Vice President Edwards?

Matt Drudge reports that DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe is pushing for John Edwards as the party’s nominee for vice president.

This isn’t exactly news. Any objective observer can see that Edwards is the most appealing, centrist candidate–given his youthful good looks and down-home Southern accent–in the Democratic Party. I’m still surprised that Edwards got pushed aside in the primaries; he is far more electable than John Kerry.

The Hillary Factor has to be considered, though. If a Kerry/Edwards ticket wins in November, which is possible, Hillary will find the White House closed to her until at least 2012, when she may be too old to run. And if Kerry/Edwards somehow last two terms, then John Edwards would surely be the nominee in ’12.

Don’t ignore the fact that both Kerry and Edwards have been recent invitees to the annual secret Bilderberg conference. Hillary, as far as I know, has not.

Unless Hillary manages to engineer something quick, she may find herself frozen out.

The Republican response will be interesting. I’ve seen a rumor that the GOP is thinking about putting Rudy Giuliani on the ticket as Bush’s running mate in the fall. It would be a brilliant stroke, not only because of the baggage Dick Cheney carries because of his connection to Halliburton, but because Cheney has no interest in running for president in 2008 if Bush should be reelected.

Giuliani, however, would give the party a strong VP candidate who could theoretically translate that into a strong candidate to hold the White House four years from now.

Ah, politics. Almost as much fun as baseball.

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