If this isn’t evil, I don’t know what is:

When the body of Kim Sun-il, murdered and beheaded by Islamic terrorists, was found yesterday about 20 miles west of Baghdad near Falluja , it was discovered that a booby trap had been installed in his body.

On the road between Baghdad and Falluja, American forces located a body assumed to be that of an Asian, which an officer from Korean Embassy to Iraq and Kim Chun-ho, president of Gana General Trading Co., identified.

?It looks like the body was thrown from a vehicle, and the body was beheaded,? said Mark Kimmitt, coalition deputy operations chief and spokesman of American forces in Iraq.

?A booby trap was placed in Kim?s body,? reported CNN, quoting Pentagon sources. A booby trap is an explosive device, which is designed to blow up on contact. It appears that Iraqi insurgents were hoping to kill coalition forces or rescuers recovering Kim?s body.

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