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An American Empire or Anarchy?

Niall Ferguson argues in today’s Wall Street Journal that without American hegemony, the world may devolve into a new dark age:

Unfortunately, the world’s experience with power vacuums is hardly encouraging. Anyone who dislikes U.S. hegemony should bear in mind that, instead of a multipolar world of competing great powers, a world with no hegemon at all may be the real alternative to it. This could turn out to mean a new Dark Age of waning empires and religious fanaticism; of endemic rapine in the world’s no-go zones; of economic stagnation and a retreat by civilization into a few fortified enclaves.

Bear in mind that Mr. Ferguson is a fellow at the Hoover Institution. Currently, there are eight Hoover fellows on the Defense Policy Board advising Donald Rumsfeld on how to conduct the War on Terror.

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