Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Snit

Andrew Sullivan, an otherwise gifted thinker and writer, is twisted into a pretzel by the conflict between the traditional values he knows instinctively to be true and the only issue that really matters to him:

If you had spent much of your life arguing a) that gay people deserve civil equality and b) that civil marriage is the fundamental mark of that equality, it would require Herculean masochism to endorse a president who wants to enshrine the denial of marriage to gays in the very Constitution itself.

Now, try to follow this chain of logic:

  1. Inequality is different treatment of people who are fundamentally the same.
  2. Men and women are fundamentally different, physically, biologically, and emotionally.
  3. Thus, the marriage of one of each is different than the union of two of a kind.
  4. Treating different relationships differently is not inequality.

The issue is not about equality. It’s about elevating homosexuality to “normal” status in American society, and the two issues are not necessarily linked.

Isn’t it amazing that the U.S. can be so bitterly divided over an issue that directly impacts less than 2% of us?

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