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What’s Going On in Phoenix?

The Northeast Intelligence Network reports on a strange incident at the Palo Verde nuclear power plant:

14 June 2004–A reported ?distribution problem? occurred at the Palo Verde nuclear power plant just before 8:00 a.m. MST this morning, causing widespread scattered power outages in and around Tucson, Green Valley and in the Phoenix metro area’s northwest side.

The plant is located 45 miles west of Phoenix, Arizona and is the largest generating plant of its type in the world, providing power to about 4 million customers. The ?distribution problem? caused all three nuclear reactor units at the Palo Verde nuclear power plant shut down due to an unidentified disruption of questionable origin.

The number 3 Unit will remain shutdown for the remainder of this week due to a ?control system malfunction.? This unit is responsible for providing electricity for the increased demand in metropolitan Phoenix.

Although the media reports that terrorism is not reportedly a factor and the reactors responded in a manner as intended by redundant safety measures, at least one county law enforcement official contacted today by Doug Hagmann, editor of the HQ INTEL-ALERT, stated that the stoppage was ?extremely unusual? and immediately captured the attention of emergency law enforcement personnel.

Interestingly, this is the FOURTH ?unexpected? shutdown of the plant this year.

I’m not sure “interesting” is the word I’d choose.

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