Headline of the Day: “A nude model, five bodies and the Mormon assassination plot attempt”

Courtesy of The Independent:

This week, a jury in Martinez, a small town outside San Francisco, will retire to consider the bizarre, brutally violent cult surrounding one Glenn Taylor Helzer, a lapsed Mormon accused of bludgeoning and dismembering five people in an elaborate extortion racket intended to hasten the second coming of Jesus Christ.

This sounds like the Manson Family all over again. Talk about bizarre:

The star witness in the trial was a former housemate of Helzer’s, Dawn Godman, who calmly described how she held up the severed heads of three of the victims while another member of the gang bashed their teeth out with a hammer and chisel to make them harder to identify. She also explained how Helzer had hoped to feed the severed bodies of the victims to his pet rottweiler before deciding this was impractical, stuffing them in duffel bags and dumping them in the Sacramento river delta instead.

The culmination of Helzer’s plan was to have been an operation codenamed ‘Brazil’, in which he would send South American orphans to Salt Lake City to kill the 15 elders who run the Mormon church. According to Godman’s testimony, Helzer imagined he could blame the murders on the ‘government behind government’ and take over the leadership of the world’s 12 million Mormons himself.

How did he convince anyone to go along with this plan?

Anyone who doesn’t believe in a literal embodiment of evil that involves itself in human affairs needs to take a close look at this case. I can’t come up with any other explanation for this chain of events that makes sense.

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