Kurds Pushed Out of the Way

It looks like the Kurds, America’s most reliable ally in the Iraq conflict, are getting the short end of the stick–again.

The UN Security Council resolution that stamped Iraq?s provisional government with international approval threatens to confront that government with its first crisis. The Kurds are threatening to walk out, dismayed by the omission from the text of any reference to the interim constitution which enshrined Kurdish autonomous rule in three northern Iraqi provinces. The crucial provision was excluded – notwithstanding the Herculean efforts of the two Kurdish leaders Massoud Barzani and Jalal Talabani – thus satisfying Iraq?s majority Shiites and most of the Arab world.

Political expedience wins out again, just as it did after the Gulf War in ’91. We stayed on the sidelines and allowed Saddam Hussein to massacre thousands of Kurds.

Is this how America stands by its friends?

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