You Have Rights — if Big Brother Says You Do

Law professor Jonathan Turley offers a a chilling analysis of a remarkable press conference held by the Justice Department this week

:In a moment of extraordinary and chilling honesty, [Deputy U.S. Attorney General James] Comey explained that Padilla had to be stripped of his civil liberties because, if he used them (including his right to remain silent or his right to a lawyer), he might have been able to win his freedom. Thus, the government had to keep him away from lawyers and judges at all costs. Gone was the pretense of legality or principle. The Justice Department had finally found its natural moral resting point: Civil liberties are tolerated only to the extent that they will not interfere with the government’s actions.

The point Turley does not make is that this is not a new issue in the United States. Read some history: This was happening in the Adams administration. A Supreme Court justice advised James Madison to reinstate the Sedition Act of 1798. Andrew Jackson threatened to invade South Carolina. Lincoln–well, see below. Wilson essentially invaded Colorado and told the army not to bother with habeas corpus.

The irony for left-liberals is that this is exactly what you get when you completely separate the church from the state (in terms of forcing God out of the public square). When human rights devolve from government rather than God, then your rights are limited to what the government says they are.

One look at the yahoos working at the local DMV office should be enough to convince you to trust your liberty to God and not the government–especially when the government no longer recognizes His authority.

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