Good news from the World Magazine Blog:

It is official. According to the New York Times fashion columnist Ruth La Ferla, revealing clothes for teenage girls are out. Modest dress has actually become not only fashionable but hip. The look that young women are now trying to achieve is described as ‘classy.’

In recent months that is just the term that has been entering the vocabulary of American teenagers and college-age women to describe a shift in how they dress: exposing less skin; ditching the micro-minis, cropped tops and thong-baring jeans of previous summers. In the streets and in stores like the Limited and Quiksilver, these items are being replaced by demure knee-length skirts, high-waisted jeans, layered T-shirts and flat shoes, all paraded as a badge of hip.

Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and Christina Aguilera–all notorious for their bare midriffs and slutty sexual displays–have passed out of favor. The new role models are the Olsen twins, ‘The O.C.’ actress Mischa Barton, and ‘American Idol’ winner Fantasia Barrino, all of whom favor demure and ‘classy’ styles. More than that, young women seem to be recognizing that baring their bodies is not consistent with self-respect.

My daughter starts high school next year. This fashion trend is just in time.

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