Canadian Anglicans Affirm Sanctity of Anything That Feels Good

Did the representatives at the national Anglican meeting in Canada bother to open a Bible before agreeing to this compromise?

The Anglican Church of Canada affirmed the ”integrity and sanctity” of same-sex relationships yesterday, a move that stops short of authorizing blessing ceremonies for gay couples but still may provoke rancor in the global Anglican Communion.

The sanctity measure, which passed with a show of hands at a national church meeting, was offered to encourage gays and lesbians and their supporters. Gay advocates were disheartened by a decision Wednesday to delay any national go-ahead on church blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples until at least 2007.

Do you see what this does? The Anglican Church in Canada declared same-sex relationships “sanctified” without the sacrament of marriage.

Okay, now what about heterosexual couples that want to live together? Are their relationships sanctified, too? What about adulterous couples? If not, why not?

God says that sexual activity outside of marriage (do I really need to specify one man and one woman?) is sin. If the Anglican Church can declare one form of sexual sin intrinsically blessed, why not all of them?

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