More on the $10B Deal

Interesting bedfellows:

Eric Stange, Accenture’s managing partner for defense and homeland security, told Newsday that the company – along with partners Raytheon Corp., Titan Corp., and SRA International-will create ‘virtual borders’ intended to identify potential terrorists entering the U.S. at about 300 sites along the Canadian and Mexican borders.

Titan Corp. of San Diego was among the companies identified by a U.S. military investigation as providing interrogators and interpreters at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, where inmates were allegedly abused. Gene Ray, Titan’s chairman, said last month that the company was dismayed ‘over the horrific events’ and that it is cooperating with investigators.

Titan is also under criminal investigation by the Justice Department for allegedly paying bribes to obtain foreign contracts in Benin and Saudi Arabia.

For appearance sake, if nothing else, DHS should have taken a second look at Accenture’s bid.

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