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Bush Backs Standing UN Army

This item from the April 30 Washington Times slipped past me. It seems the Bush administration wants to create a standing United Nations army:

The Pentagon and State Department are planning to set up a 75,000-member international peacekeeping force for Africa, senior Bush administration officials told Congress yesterday.

Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage disclosed the plan during a hearing of the House Appropriations subcommittee on foreign operations.

Mr. Armitage said, ‘What we envision is about a 75,000-person force, starting in Africa, [for] the training of peacekeepers, people to be available for peacekeeping.’

The force will cost about $660 million over five years, with 20 percent of the money coming from State Department funds and the rest from the Defense Department. The program is called the Global Peace Operations Initiative.

‘This is an initiative designed to train other countries’ forces so that when peacekeeping requirements come up, as they did recently in Liberia, or as we’re facing one in Haiti today, there are more capable foreign forces to draw on, so that we’re not constantly turning to our military for tasks that could be performed by others,’ Mr. Wolfowitz said.

The peacekeeping plan first was disclosed by The Washington Post on April 19.

If Clinton had tried this, conservatives would have been up in arms. Wake up, Republicans.

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