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The Real DaVinci Code

While people knock themselves out trying to prove that Jesus was a human whose descendants became the Merovingian kings of France by studying the paintings of DaVinci, try looking at this code for a real eye-opener:

Recent completion of genome sequencing for many diverse vertebrates has revealed long sequences (at least 200 bp) of non-coding DNA that are identical or nearly identical. Between humans and mice, 481 of these sequences are 100% identical (70). Between humans and dogs, the sequences are 99% identical. Even between humans and chickens, the sequences are 95% identical. These sequences are found on all humans chromosomes except 21 and Y. The probability is less than one chance in 10×10(22) of finding even one such sequence in 2.9 billion bases under a simple model of neutral evolution with independent substitutions at each site.

(Emphasis added.)

Thanks to the God and Science website for finding that nugget.

What does it mean? Evolutionists would try to argue, weakly, that it proves that rats, chickens, dogs, and humans all share a common ancestor. But read again: The odds of finding so many identical chromosome sequences even one matching sequence under an evolutionary model is 10 times 10 to the 22nd power!

But geneticists have found 481 matching sequences between humans and rats–species not exactly hanging on the same branch of the family tree.

No, more likely the answer is that the Creator simply used similar base materials when he spoke us into existence, just as a $2 million manse and a humble 2-bedroom bungalow are both constructed of the same basic raw materials: nails, screws, wood, glass, and so on.

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