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When Manhattan Freezes Over

Tree-huggers are loving the new disaster film “The Day After Tomorrow”. I have to admit the special effects look pretty cool. I mean, what solid Midwesterner doesn’t secretly long for the day when New York and Los Angeles suffer Old Testament wrath-of-God humiliation?

But let’s get serious. For Greens to claim that there is anything to be learned from this movie is ridiculous in the extreme. First of all, global warming–that brings on an Ice Age? Hah?

Second, I learned this morning that the inspiration for the movie was not a scientific study that predicts this global cataclysm, it was a book written by late-night conspiracy theory radio host Art Bell and the world’s most famous alien abductee, Whitley Streiber.

Climatologists, they’re not.

And finally, even if they were experts on global weather patterns, forecasters can’t even get their predictions right more than twelve hours in advance. Why should we believe they can predict what will happen fifty years from now?

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