Rewriting Evidence to Fit the Theory

An item in New Scientist today is another example of the desperation of evolutionists to find evidence somewhere–anywhere!–that supports their theories.

About a year ago, reports surfaced of the discovery of a four-winged gliding dinosaur, Microraptor gui. This was heralded as a milestone that “could rewrite our understanding of how and why birds first took to the sky.”

Unfortunately for devout evolutionists, M. gui was dated to ~124?128 Ma (million years) ago, about 25 Ma after the first undoubted bird, Archaeopteryx (153 Ma), and even about 10 Ma after the beaked bird Confuciusornis (135 Ma).

Disregarding problems with fossil dating, such as the alleged presence of fossilized keratin from the feathers (an impossibility if the rocks are really as old as claimed), and the fact that Microraptor just happens to have been discovered in the same Chinese province as the bogus proto-bird, Archaeoraptor (which was fabricated from pieces of other fossils, including Microraptor), it seems unlikely at best that M. gui could have pulled off the incredible feat of being its own grandpa.

To correct this glaring inconsistency, evolutionists have revealed–ta-daa!–that Archaeopteryx had feathered legs, too!

In other words, the discovery of leg feathers on Microraptor–assuming that it isn’t just another clever Chinese forgery–offered a plausible theory for the transition from dinosaur to bird: Glide first, and then fly. So the inconvenient evidence for earlier birds like Archaeopteryx is being nuanced to to support a hypothetical, pre-Archaeopteryx, Protomicroraptor. Voila! There’s the crucial missing link!

Wow! If only Christians displayed this much blind faith!

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