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On the Air Again

Sharon and I were in-studio guests of Tim Berends & Al Gross this morning between 7:45 and 8:00 on KJSL Radio, AM 630 in St. Louis. Actually, it was only Tim; Al’s son hit a deer last night, and the deer apparently hit back.

Tim was kind enough to let us take 15 minutes to discuss Sharon’s new novel, Winds of Evil, and the 20-novel MythArc, in which we plan to explore various stories from the 6,000-year struggle for the souls of mankind.

At one point Tim asked about my radio experience, which is fairly extensive (12 years, two formats, three Top 15 markets). I noticed through the glass that Tim was distracted by something during my response, so I kept talking to fill time until he was able to focus on us again.

Turns out a secretary with the Democratic National Committee had called to confirm a telephone interview set for just after the 8 o’clock news with Jamie Rubin, assistant Secretary of State in the Clinton administration. While this person was on hold, she got an earful of our interview, and when Tim picked up her only question was, “Is this a Christian radio station?”

We listened to the show as we drove home. Somehow, between 7:50 and 8:05, Rubin developed a schedule conflict and missed his interview.

I guess we scared him off.

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