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Dispatch from Boston:

The very first homosexual couple ‘married’ in the ‘gay’ Mecca of Provincetown told the Boston Herald about their new ‘commitment’:

[Jonathan Yarbrough] says the concept of forever is ‘overrated’ and that he, as a bisexual, and [his partner Cody] Rogahn, who is gay, have chosen to enjoy an open marriage. ‘I think it’s possible to love more than one person and have more than one partner, not in the polygamist sense,’ he said. ‘In our case, it is, we have, an open marriage.’

‘Marriage’ in Massachusetts not only fails to require the presence of a wife, or a husband, but is not even tied to monogamy anymore.

Just wait. Legal challenges are coming.

Pretty soon, marriage won’t be limited to two partners–or even two partners of the same species. How can it be, without “discriminating” against somebody?

Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) was right: Now that marriage has been opened to same-sex partners, there is no legal basis for denying a marriage license to anyone for any reason.

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