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Somebody’s Watching Me

We’re one step closer to the government being able to track our every move from cradle to grave:

A syringe-injectable microchip implant designed to carry medical records and personal identification information underneath the skin of humans is just one of 20 new technologies chosen by the government to be showcased today and Friday [April 29/30] at the Healthier U.S. Summit in Baltimore, Md.

The manufacturer, VeriChip, is marketing this little wonder to other sectors, including homeland security.

This could be used to track a host’s movements. Or imagine being able to fire an employee without having to change locks (which would have been useful in my former career as a radio program director).

The chip is wirelessly writable, which means it can be updated with new information about the host. From a distance.

Now imagine that this chip does more than just store data, but can execute commands from its location underneath your skin.

Look for this technology to appear in my wife’s new novel, The Armageddon Strain, coming out this summer.

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