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This Explains a Lot

James Morrow, writing in The Australian, explains why so many anti-war activists are silent about the U.N.’s disgusting abuse of Oil For Food:

Documents found in Iraq’s old ministry of oil reveal that hundreds of prominent individuals received vouchers to buy Iraqi oil at cut-rate prices and sell it on the open market — at tremendous, often seven-figure, profits.

Those named include not just [Benon] Sevan [head of the program] but a vast array of Russian politicians, close friends of French President Jacques Chirac (including France’s former minister of the interior), British Labour MP George Galloway, former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter and, closer to home, Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri.

In short, it’s a who’s who list of high-profile anti-war and anti-sanctions voices, all revealed to be shills for Saddam.

I always wondered what, short of mental illness, motivated Scott Ritter to completely reverse his views on Saddam’s WMD program. Obviously he was blinded by the dollar signs stuck in his eyes.

Morrow also offers an explanation for the silence of most of the Western news organizations on this story: The media elites just can’t bring themselves to accept that their beloved UN is far more corrupt than they imagine the Bush/Cheney White House to be.

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