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LOST at Sea

Why is this Republican-controlled government acting more like a Democrat administration than the Clinton White House? Republicans in the Senate are trying to sneak through ratification of a treaty that would “deny the United States the right to intercept terrorist vessels or proliferators”, and create a self-financing governing body, the International Seabed Authority, that would adjudicate disputes and levy taxes on countries exploiting the natural resources of the ocean floor (read: offshore oil drilling).

Who’s behind this?

[T]he supporters are not just left-wing activists and bureaucrats. Many in the oil industry favor the treaty as a way of providing an internationally accepted regime for underseas drilling. The Navy, still dominated by admirals who received stars for political correctness under the Clinton administration, supports the evenhandedness of a multilateral approach to governing the seas.

Ah. Oil companies. That ‘splains a lot.

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