Thank God for Global Warming!

There’s a fascinating article on the myth of global warming at Tech Central Station. It seems that not only have alarmists focused on studies that don’t analyze climate data far enough into human history, but when the gas trapped in ancient cores are analyzed, we find that we may owe our ancestors a lot more than we realize:

In an important paper in the journal Climatic Change, Ruddiman shows that greenhouse gases reached a peak at the start of the present interglacial (the “Holocene”) about 10,000 years ago and then, after starting to decline as anticipated from the natural solar cycle, commenced to rise again. Carbon dioxide shows an increase from about 8,000 years onwards, and methane from about 5,000 years onwards.


The unusual pattern of greenhouse gas history during the Holocene demands an explanation, and Ruddiman provides it. It is that the increases in methane and carbon dioxide occurred over the time when human agriculture and population increased during the Neolithic period of human culture and the subsequent development, after about 5,000 years ago, of organized civilizations. In Ruddiman’s view, these human-caused greenhouse gas increases have already prevented Earth’s climate from deteriorating into the next global glacial episode.

My mom is from North Dakota. I assure you, my relatives up there are all in favor of global warming.

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