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Environmental Movement Destroying the Developing World

One of the co-founders of Greenpeace writes in today’s San Francisco Chronicle that the eco movement is making things worse in the developing world:

[T]oday’s eco-activists boast that they have blocked more than 200 hydroelectric projects in the developing world over the past two decades. It is true that hydro power has a large ecological footprint, creating lakes and filling valleys. But it is a renewable energy that makes it possible to read after the sun goes down, boosting literacy in poor areas. It provides controlled irrigation for better crop yields and mitigates flooding and the loss of life and property damage…

[G]reen groups have zero-tolerance policies when it comes to genetically modified crops. This includes the genetically modified “golden rice” that could help prevent blindness in Asian and African children (as many as 500,000 go blind every year, according to the National Institutes of Health)…

Or consider that the pesticide DDT has been proven to radically reduce malaria in South Africa, while activist groups such as the World Wildlife Fund push for a total ban on its use… Despite the ability to stop malaria in its tracks with DDT — as the United States had already done before its use was prohibited here — 300 million people will become infected every year and at least 1 million will die, according to the World Health Organization.

Now, if I were a real tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy wacko, I’d be tempted to think that left-liberal elites were trying to depopulate the Third World.

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