New Meaning for the Term “Icing”

Whoa! Right here in Our Fair City, a pro hockey player has been charged with conspiring to have his agent whacked:

[T]he FBI found [Mike] Danton’s agent, Dave Frost, at the St. Louis Blues player’s suburban apartment about midnight Thursday, shortly after Danton’s accused accomplice, Katie Wolfmeyer, and a co-operating witness for the FBI arrived there. Wolfmeyer allegedly thought the man with her would kill the person in Danton’s apartment; in fact, the man had reported the alleged plot and was working with the FBI. The FBI brought the sports agent to the Brentwood police station to talk with him, Wolfmeyer, and the informer.

Frost has denied that he was a target of a murder plot.

Wolfmeyer is a ‘young girl smitten with a hockey player who lied to her,’ her lawyer told a federal magistrate in East St. Louis, Ill., on Monday. Wolfmeyer, a 19-year-old athlete and nursing student at St. Louis Community College, sobbed throughout her initial court appearance on charges that she tried to help Danton, a St. Louis Blues forward, hire a hit man to kill an acquaintance of Danton’s.

Danton came to the Blues in a trade with New Jersey during the season. I think it’s safe to say he has issues–and so does young Miss Wolfmeyer.

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