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A Pleasantly Authoritarian Country

“Canadian” and “authoritarian” are words that don’t usually spring to the lips within the same sentence. Maybe they should:

Bill C-250, a repressive, anti-free-speech measure [is] on the brink of becoming law in Canada. It would add “sexual orientation” to the Canadian hate propaganda law, thus making public criticism of homosexuality a crime. It is sometimes called the “Bible as Hate Literature” bill, or simply “the chill bill.” It could ban publicly expressed opposition to gay marriage or any other political goal of gay groups. The bill has a loophole for religious opposition to homosexuality, but few scholars think it will offer protection, given the strength of the gay lobby and the trend toward censorship in Canada. Law Prof. David Bernstein, in his new book You Can’t Say That! wrote that “it has apparently become illegal in Canada to advocate traditional Christian opposition to homosexual sex.” Or traditional Jewish or Muslim opposition, too.

Brr. Suddenly it seems a lot colder up north.

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