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On the Plantation

An interesting observation on the makeup of John Kerry’s inner staff:

While Democrats have long claimed to be the party of greater inclusiveness, this year President Bush may argue that his administration is more diverse at senior levels than John Kerry’s would be.

Seizing on the nation’s diversity — the country is almost one-third non-white — Bush has appointed African-Americans, Asians, Latinos and women to senior and non-stereotypical roles: Secretary of State, national security adviser, Transportation Secretary, White House Counsel.

Unlike Al Gore whose campaign manager, political director and finance director were African-American, the Kerry campaign, as of yet, has no one of color in the innermost circle, including Kerry’s campaign manager, campaign chairperson, media adviser, policy director, foreign policy adviser, general election manager, convention planner, national finance chairman, and head of VP search team.

Let’s not forget that Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have blocked black, Latino, and female White House judicial appointees, even when these appointees come with the American Bar Association’s highest possible rating.

So why is it that Republicans are demonized in the black community?

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