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Attempted Coup in Iraq?

Iraqi dentist Zeyad blogs from Baghdad about violence we haven’t seen on TV here in the States, describing the sounds of “helicopters, massive explosions, and continuous shooting nearby”:

I have to admit that until now I have never longed for the days of Saddam, but now I’m not so sure. If we need a person like Saddam to keep those rabid dogs at bay then be it. Put Saddam back in power and after he fills a couple hundred more mass graves with those criminals they can start wailing and crying again for liberation. What a laugh we will have then. Then they can shove their filthy Hawza and marji’iya up somewhere else. I am so dissapointed in Iraqis and I hate myself for thinking this way. We are not worth your trouble, take back your billions of dollars and give us Saddam again. We truly ‘deserve’ leaders like Saddam.

I hope he’s overreacting, which would be easy enough when the gunshots are right outside your window.

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