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Eternal Warriors

I just finished the novel The War in Heaven by Theodore Beale, and I have to recommend it to anyone looking for a good story that also proclaims the gospel message.

Beale writes with an ear for dialogue, especially for today’s young adult readers, who’ll be more likely to catch the cultural references than old guys like me. (Creed? I know it’s a band, but…) He may not welcome the comparison, but I’d describe War as being in the same vein as C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, but written for a 21st century media-savvy reader.

Good plotting, lots of action, plenty of references to the more obscure parts of the Old Testament (appealing to geeks like me who enjoy trying to puzzle out things like the origins of the nephilim), and still the gospel comes through loud and clear. Highly recommended. I’m going to twist my 14-year-old’s arm until she reads it.

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