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Stop the Presses! Media Reports on Media Bias!

But not in the way you’d think. This just in from Associated Press:

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Inside the marble-floored palace hall that serves as the press office of the U.S.-led coalition, Republican Party operatives lead a team of Americans who promote mostly good news about Iraq.

One-third of the U.S. civilian workers in the press office have GOP ties, running an enterprise that critics see as an outpost of Bush’s re-election effort with Iraq a top concern. Dan Senor and others inside the coalition say they follow strict guidelines that steer clear of politics.

One-third? One-third?

I wondered why that was enough of a slant to warrant the AP moving the story, but to a reporter used to newsrooms that are usually upwards of 90% Democrat, finding one that’s 1/3 Republican must be a shock.

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