ABC News Counters Mel Gibson With Peter Jennings

ABC News will present a three-hour special called “Jesus and Paul” on April 5. Judging by ABC’s special on the life of Jesus a couple of years ago, I expect this to be another feast of revisionist liberal drivel.

While there are a few solid biblical scholars among the experts interviewed, such as Ben Witherington III, the fact that at least three members of the heretical Jesus Seminar and former Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong are also in the group doesn’t give me much hope that Peter Jennings is going to look too hard for the truth.

Frankly, Spong isn’t even a Christian. Why his opinion of who Jesus was should carry any weight is beyond me. Might as well ask me to give an informed opinion about Buddha.

Anyway, when ABC presented its special on the life of Jesus the conclusion reached was that Jesus was probably the illegitimate son of a Roman soldier. I expect “Jesus and Paul” to deny that Jesus ever claimed divinity for Himself and credit modern Christian doctrine entirely to Paul.

What better way for secularists to counter “The Passion of the Christ” than by serving up an “objective report” on the “historic” Jesus presented by a network news anchor like Peter Jennings?

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