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Another Lying Reporter

USA Today is the latest newspaper to catch a star reporter making up his stories:

USA Today said Friday that an examination of the work of journalist Jack Kelley found strong evidence that the newspaper’s former star foreign correspondent had fabricated substantial portions of at least eight major stories.

“As an institution, we failed our readers by not recognizing Jack Kelley’s problems. For that I apologize,” publisher Craig Moon said.

After spending seven weeks closely examining Kelley’s work, a team of journalists also found that Kelley had lifted quotes or other material from competing publications, lied in speeches he delivered for USA Today and conspired to mislead the investigation into his work.

What’s especially distressing about this revelation is that Kelley professes to be a Christian.

We all stumble and fall, but what a damaging and very public witness. Why did he think this was okay in the eyes of God?

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