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The God Conspiracy

…is the new title of We Shall All Be Changed (catchier, don’t you think?). Tonight, I got to within half a paragraph of finishing the first draft. But I can’t think any more, and I’m not inclined to push my way through only to scrap it tomorrow when I’m awake.

I’ll finish that last bit tomorrow, and then begin the process of editing and re-writing. It turned out a bit differently than I expected, but that’s a good thing. In the one college writing class I took (which scared me off writing for twenty years!), I learned that the story has to surprise the writer for it to surprise and entertain the reader. I think I’m finally beginning to understand.

Sharon has completed the manuscript for The Armageddon Strain, a timely book that explores the possible reasons that so many prominent microbiologists and geneticists have died over the last three years. Do a search on Google with the terms “dead microbiologists” and see how many hits you get. Creepy.

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