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DaVinci’s Revenge

Dan Brown, author of The DaVinci Code, is being sued by author Lewis Perdue. Apparently two of Perdue’s novels, The DaVinci Legacy and Daughter of God, published about twenty years ago, are strikingly similar in a number of ways to Brown’s book. A key point:

Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebook “Codex Leicester” is used to make a critical plot point. Strangely, both novelists make the same factual error about the famous work. Da Vinci wrote the book – now known as “Codex Hammer” – on 18 double-sided sheets of linen loose-leaf paper. Perdue and Brown both mistakenly state that it was written on parchment.

The court filing lists over 70 parallels between Brown’s book and those by Perdue. You’d think somebody at Pocket Books would have noticed before the book hit the stores.

Now it’s been optioned for a movie to be directed by Ron Howard. My guess is that Mr. Perdue is going to come out of this in pretty good shape.

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