The UN Deserves Nothing

The Wall Street Journal outlines the details of how Saddam got rich off the UN ‘Oil For Food’ program:

There is no doubt that the U.N. relief effort in Iraq has been a global scandal. A monstrous dictator was able to turn the Oil-for-Food program into a cash cow for himself and his inner circle, leaving Iraqis further deprived as he bought influence abroad and acquired the arms and munitions that coalition forces discovered when they invaded Iraq last spring.

We’re talking billions with a B here. Kofi Annan’s son is implicated, and it looks like beaks all over the world were getting wet. Claudia Rosett puts it this way in the National Review:

[W]hat has to be clear by now is that the U.N. itself was either corrupt, or so stunningly incompetent as to require total overhaul. There are by now enough questions, there has been enough secrecy, stonewalling, and rising evidence of graft all around the U.N. program in Iraq, so that it is surely worth an independent investigation into the U.N. itself ? and Annan’s role in supervising this program. If Kofi Annan will not exercise his authority to set a truly independent inquiry in motion, it is way past time for the U.S., whose taxpayers supply about a quarter of the U.N. budget, to call the U.N. itself to account for Oil-for-Food ? in dollar terms the biggest relief operation it has ever run, and by many signs, one of the dirtiest.

How do we justify including the United Nations in anything any more?

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