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Police at UCLA arrest a ghoul:

Over six years, a UCLA medical school official sold 496 cadavers for $704,600, according to invoices that provide the first evidence of the scope of the scandal in the school’s body donor program.

The invoices on UCLA letterhead, covering transactions from 1998 through 2003, were shown to The [L.A.] Times by the law firm representing Ernest V. Nelson, the entrepreneur who purchased the body parts and resold them to large research corporations.

If there’s a seller, there has to be a buyer:

Among the companies that bought the body parts from Nelson was pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, according to correspondence sent by the law firm to the University of California and reviewed by The Times.

This is simply horrific. Humans reduced to nothing more than component parts. How soon before pieces of formerly live victims start showing up in research labs? Or organ banks?

Actually, this is already happening. My next novel, Boneman, will deal with this.

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