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The Man Without Yard Art

A snippet from a delightful short story by my wonderfully talented sister-in-law, Ann Huseman:

“Youngster, let me tell you what it is like to live without yard art. It is to glimpse a world in which no creative impulse be countenanced, it is a world in which the hungry soul cannot feed from the celebration of diversity, cannot grow, but must wither until it is only a memory. If you should ever think to say a word against your neighbor because his tastes be separate of your own, then pray God for mercy. Stick by yard art, boy, write about it and tell my story so that others might not be sealed to this fate.”

The story is no doubt a reaction to the upscale but uniformly beige subdivision she calls home these days. Read the whole thing in the latest issue of the excellent e-zine, Writers Cramp.

My latest short story, “Monster”, is also featured.

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