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Andrew Sullivan Doesn’t Get It

Andrew Sullivan rants about the proposed marriage amendment to the Constitution:

The president launched a war today against the civil rights of gay citizens and their families. And just as importantly, he launched a war to defile the most sacred document in the land. Rather than allow the contentious and difficult issue of equal marriage rights to be fought over in the states, rather than let politics and the law take their course, rather than keep the Constitution out of the culture wars, this president wants to drag the very founding document into his re-election campaign.

Wake up, Andrew. The political left has been dragging the Constitution into the culture wars since the Scopes Monkey Trial.

I don’t argue that the president is making this a reelection issue. He’d be foolish not to. But come on, Andrew, laying the blame for this at the president’s feet is dishonest.

There has been a coordinated effort by homosexual activists to use the courts to 1) overturn sodomy laws; and, 2) demand legal same-sex marriage. As Sullivan writes, letting politics and the law take their course would be the proper way to achieve those goals. But the gay rights movement won’t play by those rules. They know they can’t get what they want through the state legislatures, not all of them, so throwing the issues to our activist judges is their best chance of complete, nationwide success.

I say again: Why do you think San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is deliberately breaking the law?

This isn’t a fight conservatives want, given the recent track record of the US Supreme Court. The only chance to win this battle is to trump the courts with a constitutional amendment.

I do not support the amendment. I agree with Sullivan: This isn’t an issue that should be elevated to the level of a constitutional amendment. But gay activists refuse to fight fair–in the legislatures, where the will of the people can be heard. Conservatives are fighting back with they perceive as the only weapon they have left.

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