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Who Killed Jesus?

That’s the cover story of the current issue of Newsweek, which describes Mel Gibson’s new movie, The Passion of the Christ, as “powerful but troubling”.

Yeah, sort of like the Bible.

To the author’s credit, the article makes the point that those who base anti-Semitism on their interpretation of the New Testament are misreading the Bible. Who killed Jesus? I did. You did. Every one of us.

It’s puzzling that anyone who professes to believe that Jesus is God, who had (as Jesus Himself pointed out at Gethsemane) the power to call down legions of angels to His aid, would blame anyone or any group for Christ’s death. Jesus had to die. He knew that, and He went willingly. The Jews and Gentiles (Romans) who conspired to kill Jesus symbolize the fact that Christ died for the sins of all mankind. The blame for His death is shared by us all.

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