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Christians in Football

Shows how closely I’ve paid attention to the Rams since they lost to Carolina in the NFL playoffs: The Rams’ quarterback situation for next season is getting sticky, and it’s not even a week since the Super Bowl. It seems Kurt Warner told a church in Houston last Sunday that some of the Rams’ coaches told him he “was reading the Bible too much”.

Actually, I’m not surprised to hear that. A couple of my co-workers have made it clear they’d prefer a whiskey drinking, cigar smoking, butt-kicking hell-raiser as our quarterback, because they think devout Christians just aren’t tough enough for the NFL.

Excuse me? Warner is a two-time league MVP. In his four years as starter for the Rams, they went to two Super Bowls and won one of them. And he was the MVP of that game. That’s while getting pounded on by men who weigh 250-350 pounds for a few hours a week, 20 to 24 weeks a year. That’s not tough?

What does surprise me is that the guys who’ve been rooting against Kurt for the better part of the last two years both claim to be Christians themselves. I guess they’re just not the Bible-reading kind who take all that wishy-washy “love thy neighbor” crap seriously.

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