Credit Where Due

In the far left column of this blog, I note that all book covers on this page were designed by my wife, Sharon K. Gilbert. However, I’m remiss for not pointing out that the perfectly sinister cover art for Sharon’s first novel, Winds of Evil, was created by digital artist Robert G. Liberty.

In addition to his visual artistry, Robert is the editor and publisher of Writers Cramp, an online literary magazine that was named one of 2002’s “101 Best Websites for Writers” by Writer’s Digest.

Robert deserves credit for his vision. He was officially the first to publish an original work by Sharon when, back in 2002, he accepted a touching short story called Junebug.

He further proved his sound judgment by introducing Junebug as follows:

She also brings a wealth of talent to Writer’s Cramp. (Look for Sharon’s other stories in WC.) But this one, Junebug, I fell in love with, totally and completely. It is one of the very best of its kind I have read, ever. Sharon is going to be a household name within two years. Her books will disappear from booksellers’ shelves faster than they can be stocked.

I don’t know about the “household name” prediction, but then, God works in mysterious ways, and 2004 has a long way to go.

It is only fitting that his artwork adorns the cover of Sharon’s first novel. Thank you, Robert, deeply and sincerely.

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