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A Big Day in the Land of Gilbert

Sharon, my beautiful and wonderfully gifted wife, is in Indianapolis for Advance 2004, the convention of the Christian Booksellers Association. Her first novel, Winds of Evil, arrived from the printer literally in the nick of time. This afternoon, Sharon has her first-ever book signing at the booth hosted by FaithWorks, the distributor handling the releases from Sharon’s publisher, deepercalling media.

Needless to say, when Sharon and I (and Sharon’s sister, Ann Huseman, whose warm heart and quirky humor remind me of a sentimental Douglas Adams) undertook the challenge of writing a novel in thirty days in November of 2002, we didn’t suspect that God would open doors so quickly. I never doubted that Sharon would find a publisher, but the people at deepercalling are wonderful, and their mission of reaching out to our culture via entertainment with a Christian world view fits with what Sharon and I see as a crying need in America today.

The halftime show at this year’s Super Bowl is proof of that.

So a little over an hour from now, Sharon begins signing books for owners and buyers of Christian bookstores attending the convention, and we begin a new chapter of the adventure that is our life.

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