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Known Unknowns

Wretchard at the Belmont Club posts this well-written piece on the real lesson of the war in Iraq:

The most horrifying thing about David Kay’s report is his finding that Saddam’s weapons were never under his control at all, but in the actual keeping of his minions, who misled him at every turn. The componentry may now be in Syria, where, if Iraq is any guide, they are under even looser custody. If the Saudis have made no secret of their desire to buy nuclear weapons, it is only because they know that these are for sale. It is safe to predict that the next mass attack on America will involve fission weapon of Pakistani design with a 40Kt yield, charged with uranium purified by Malaysian manufactured centrifuges from a design originally developed by Urenco in the Netherlands and probably paid for by Saudi Arabia. The World Bomb.

Visit his site. It’s a cold slap of reality.

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