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Hey, Big Spender

More on the spending practices of the Republican Admini-Congress, courtesy of Lew Rockwell:

Here, from Bill King, are the average annual real increases in domestic discretionary spending:

LBJ 1965-69 4.3%

Richard Nixon 1970-75 6.8%

Gerald Ford 1976-77 8.0%

Jimmy Carter 1978-81 2.0%

Ronald Reagan 1982-89 -1.3%

George H.W. Bush 1990-93 4.0%

Bill Clinton 1994-2001 2.5%

George W. Bush 2002-04 8.2%

(Source: Club for Growth, based on U.S. Budget, Historical Tables, 2004)

Notice that with the exception of Reagan, the biggest jumps in domestic spending over the last 40 years took place during Republican administrations.

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