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The Dwarves Debate

I didn’t watch the whole debate last night. Couldn’t. I already know I’m not voting Democrat (the party’s been hijacked by extremists), so I saw no purpose in watching every painful minute.

A couple of thoughts:

  • What gospel does Al Sharpton read?
  • The fact that the most rational of the Democratic candidates, Joe Lieberman, is doing poorly says a lot about the Democratic Party of 2004.
  • Why is John Kerry doing so well? What exactly is he bringing to the table?
  • John Edwards’ attempt to portray himself as the champion of the little guy was clumsy and heavy-handed. With his speaking ability and telegenic good looks, just answering the questions would have won the debate for him.
  • Dennis Kucinich seemed to me to be the only candidate on stage last night who really believes what he says.

All in all, I think Brit Hume won the debate. Can we write him in?

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