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Preparing for a Book Signing

Not mine, my lovely wife’s. Plans are coming together for Sharon to attend the Christian Bookseller Association convention in Indianapolis in a couple of weeks. We spent the evening picking out eerie music and effects for an animation to open her web site (it isn’t on there yet, but just wait–it’s cool!).

Sharon created the animation with iMovie to illustrate what she wants, and the pieces she used will be assembled into a Flash animation within the next few days.

In addition to writing the books, Sharon is working wonders with Photoshop. She created the book covers you see in the left column of this blog, and after whipping out the iMovie, she put together designs for bookmarks she’ll have inserted into the books she signs.

That’s one sure way to guarantee the cover art matches your vision as an author.

Sharon approved the galley proofs and sent them back to the printer. We’re going to have hard copies of Winds of Evil, Sharon’s first novel, in about two weeks.

The other big news of the day is that her publisher, deepercalling media wants to include We Shall All Be Changed, my first novel, in its publishing schedule later this year. I was asked about the possibility of working Sharon’s story arc, or references to it, into my novel. Very easy. The protagonist of her novel is from Saint Louis, which is where a good bit of Changed takes place.

The novels won’t overlap, but there will be enough references to make it clear that we’re writing in the same fictional world. As the body of work grows, so will the mytharc, which will stretch from present day back four centuries, at least.

This is going to be fun.

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