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Quick observation: President Bush’s address last night was solid, but not a home run. Maybe it was my mood; I’m a little suspicious of the spending–check that, I’m really aggravated that a so-called conservative is overseeing huge increases in government spending in areas that have nothing to do with defense. The primary function of government should be to protect us from other governments.

I was glad to hear his commitment to the defense of marriage as a bond between a man and a woman, but most of the rest of the speech dealt with increasing government intervention and control over our lives. While I agree with the president’s stance on most social issues, there may come a day when the apparatus he’s put in place will be used by those with an opposite agenda.

We’ve lost sight of the reason the Founding Fathers separated from England in the first place: Centralized power bad. Localized power good. That’s what of, by, and for the people means.

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