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Hey, Deanie, Won’t You Come Out Tonight

Howard Dean’s speech after the caucuses in Iowa last night displayed what Mark Steyn referred to as “Mad How Disease”. He was more pro wrestler than political candidate. It was plain to see why, as CeCe Connolly of the Washington Post told Fox News several days ago, Democratic Party insiders in Iowa were desperate to see that Dean did not win.

Watch John Edwards. My estimate of his chances have totally changed within the last couple of weeks. Not that I’m any kind of prognosticator, but the media has suddenly begun to protray him as a contender. That will make a big difference in how voters see him. If he does well in New Hampshire, his expected strong showing in South Carolina may cement him as the man with the best chance of beating Bush in November.

Edwards really is too green for the job, but he’s got the look, he comes across on the tube as a reasonable, intelligent man, and he’s from a southern state. That means he won’t have to overcome the natural bias many southern voters have against the perceived arrogance of northeastern candidates like Dean and Kerry.

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