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Clark: Democrats Are the Only True Christians

Rich Lowry notes in his most recent column that Wesley Clark is saying some interesting things of late. Among them:

[T]here’s only one party that lives that faith in America, and that’s our party, the Democratic Party.

One wonders what leads the former general to that conclusion.

Is it the Democratic Party’s support of homosexual marriage? Abortion on demand? Or maybe it was that Left Behind book cover he read at the airport that scared him off Republican Christianity.

Read the fascinating article by Dallas Morning News editor Rod Dreher called The Godless Party. He cites a study that reveals the primary difference between Democrat in Republican in 2004, among white voters, anyway, is religion.

Survey data from the 1992 national conventions show how thoroughly polarized the parties had by that time become around religious orientation. Only 20 percent of white Democratic delegates (N.B., this secular-religious antagonism is a white voter phenomenon, the authors say) went to religious services at least once a month, while over three times that number of white Republican delegates did.

The article confirms what I suspected: Opposition to George W. Bush and the Republican Party isn’t so much about policy as it is about faith.

Put simply, a large bloc within the Democratic Party hates Christianity what it stands for. And since our country was founded on Christian ideals, is it a stretch to believe that, given the power to do so, the Democratic Party will dismantle those very things that made our nation what it is?

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