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Speaking of fiction, have you read the plan Wesley Clark proposed for invading Kosovo?

The force would move into Kosovo through Albania, because Macedonia had declared that it would not allow its territory to be used for launching an attack. Aside from the most obvious difficulty with Clark?s plan?that a major American-led ground invasion in the Balkans could not win the support of Congress, the Pentagon, the White House, or NATO?there was a real problem regarding Albania. The country was already in chaos, and had almost no infrastructure. There was only one major road, and it was only partly paved, and there were few bridges that could support the mammoth tanks and fighting vehicles of the American Army.


A Clinton Defense official recalls, ?Any of those elements of his most expansive plan would have, in our view and in the view of a number of thinking people, derailed what was a fairly fragile situation. And, in the judgment of many, many military professionals, it wouldn?t have worked anyway. It called into question the real military judgment being put behind it.?

The more I see of Clark and Dean, the more I think they’re going to fumble away the nomination to Dick Gephardt.

Gephardt, who represents the next district over from me, doesn’t have a lot of charisma on camera. But right now, he looks the most presidential of all the Democratic candidates.

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