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Welcome to the new year!

Blogging activity was light through the holidays as I tried to spend the time editing Iron Dragons. It’s about half done, which is about what I’d hoped to accomplish. I’d like to finish this week because Sunday I start teaching an eight-week class to the junior and senior high school kids at our church based on Lee Strobel’s excellent book, The Case For Christ. That will take some preparation, even though the outline is done.

My daughter and I got to spend some time together last week, which was a blessing. We went shopping to spend Christmas gift money Friday night and walked around a mall for over four hours. That’s the most time I’ve spent in a mall since I resigned my job as manager of the tuxedo shop eight years ago. We had a great time, and I got a way cool necktie.

My wife has finished editing the second book of her Laodicea Chronicles series and is working on her second screenplay. She has a true gift, and even if I weren’t deeply in love with her, I would be her biggest fan. Keep your eyes on her web site, Sharon K., for details on the release dates for Winds of Evil, Signs and Wonders, and Skin Walkers, all of which will be released by late spring.

Oh, and I’m 42 today. 42, as you know, is the answer to life, the universe, and everything, so I expect a lot of mysterious things to be cleared up for me this year.

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