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Clarity of Thought

Sometimes, we experience a moment when the veils of doubt and uncertainty are pulled back, allowing a brief moment of absolute clarity of thought; a moment when our senses are heightened and everything is ordered and clear.

I experienced one of those rare moments this morning.

For Christmas, I received a wonderful electric shaver, one of those top of the line, German-engineered deals where the shaving head moves so quickly you can’t even see it. It does a fine job. Closest shave with an electric razor I’ve ever had.

On this frosty morning, however, looking for a reason to stay in the shower an extra few minutes, I decided to shave with my Old Reliable, the swivel-headed, triple-bladed safety razor I’ve used for the last five years. While so doing, I managed somehow to clip my upper lip.

There are moments when time seems to downshift, to slow, that we might experience a particular moment more fully–such as that seemingly endless moment between the cut and the onset of pain.

That’s when I experienced my flash of heightened perception.

It lasted just long enough to think, with utmost clarity, Boy. I wish I hadn’t done that. And then, I sure hope that doesn’t hurt as much as I–ngyaaa!

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